Harnessing ancient sounds to accompany ancient words


A taste of the essence of ancient Israel is brought to life through the use of the drum, ethnic percussion instruments, and the singing of ancient prayers in this moving CD.  The soul-awakening voice and rhythms draw the listener into a spiritual experience, stirring the desire to dance and sing along.  The authentic Jewish essence infused in this piece of work is truly superb.

Through the venue of music, Tziona Achishena has been described as being a spiritual guide who opens the doorway to the higher worlds.  It has also been said that her music promotes healing, even bringing some listeners to tears.  The richness of her voice, the ancient yet modern flavor of the instrumental accompaniment, and the profound words expressed provide a most distinctive impact upon the listener that will not soon be forgotten.


One unique influence to Tziona’s music is that she has incorporated what she has learned from an extremely varied background.  She plays multiple instruments, and in addition to singing, she has had a diverse performing arts background that included the intensive study of different types of dance styles, such as ballet, jazz, tap, and traditional Indonesian dance.  In addition to this, she is a practitioner of Haysham therapy, which combines such things as Qi Kung, guided imagery, and shiatsu.   

Knowledge gained from dance and mind-body healing seems to have been taken and infused with Torah in order to provide uplifting and satisfying music and performances that inspire the audience.  Tziona Achishena lives in the holy city of Safed in Northern Israel, where she creates original songs based upon prayers from the Jewish prayer book, the Siddur.  She currently performs in Israel and has had tours in the United States as well.  Miriam’s Drum is one of seven CD’s by Tziona Achishena.  Her songs are sung in both Hebrew and English.  For a listening and viewing sample of this incredible piece of work click here.

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