Colorful and Creative: The Work of Tamar Messer


Anyone who has been to Israel – or has even seen pictures – knows that the Land is renowned for its beauty and vibrancy. There’s something about color in Israel: it’s just brighter, deeper and more real. From the verdant forests, grassy peaks and sparkling streams of the north, and the stunning Sea of Galilee, to the picturesque Judean desert and the dazzling Mediterranean coastline that stretches southward, the Land of Israel is truly a feast for the eyes and soul. As the verse states, “G-d will give you bountiful goodness … on the ground that He swore to your forefathers to give you” (Deuteronomy 28:12).

The beautiful work of artist Tamar Messer brings that color into your home. This contemporary Jewish painter and illustrator is known for creating works full of that essential Israeli spirit and vitality. Basing her work on careful study of texts and scenes, she brings a new and youthful perspective to popular Jewish and Israeli themes. Her colorful pieces have been featured in exhibitions throughout Israel and have gained her international recognition.

If you want some of those hues to inspire you as you read and study the stories of Esther, Ruth, the Song of Songs and more, you’ll surely be interested in her illustrated Megillot. The beautiful boxed set offers an artistic perspective on these five important “scrolls,” which are traditionally read over the course of the Jewish holidays throughout the year. Each book contains the full Hebrew and English text. Their original pictures and scenes will carry you from festival to festival, making a lasting imprint in your mind as you savor them, looking forward to the next time you will read the texts.

But why leave all the color on the bookshelf? Bring a bit of that glittering Jerusalem sun into your home with a poster of Tamar Messer’s Jerusalem painting. The fiery yellows and oranges sparkling off Jerusalem’s unique historical architecture will surely warm and cheer the hearts of all who see her work. You’ll want to bring a familiar piece of that holy city into your home, wherever it may be, and this beautiful poster will emblazon that special scenery in your heart. At 23 inches tall, this poster is the perfect size to frame and hang in your hallway, living room, office and more.


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