Camp Comfort Goes Rock-Climbing!

At the end of May, the community of Moshav Mevo Modiim was burnt to the ground by Arab arson terrorists. Since then, the families of this community have been staying in temporary living quarters and doing their best to get by.

With the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, the children of Moshav Mevo Modiim were getting bored. All of their toys, games, and bikes were completely destroyed. Their temporary living quarters were too small and cramped for the kids to run around and enjoy their much-needed summer vacation.

Camp Comfort was born from God’s directive to “Comfort, comfort my people” in Isaiah 40 and is the perfect solution for this special group of children.

Camp Comfortis a daily camp program funded by the AMAZING Israel365 donors. Camp Comfort enables the traumatized children of Moshav Mevo Modiim to let loose, and enjoy being kids. The daily programs and field trips give the children a break from thinking about their loss and uncertain future. At Camp Comfort, the only thing the children of Moshav Mevo Modiim need to do is HAVE FUN!!!

While the kids are having fun and adventures, they are undergoing an important therapeutic and healing process. Thanks to Camp Comfort, they are able to laugh, smile, and share positivity and hope for the future.

Thank you to the HUNDREDS of generous donors who are literally comforting the Children of Israel in their darkest time. To support similar projects, donate below.

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