Planting Trees In Beit Nechemiah

This week, Israel365 visited Beit Nechemiah. This small village is located in central Israel and has a population of around 1000. We met with Shacham, a resident of Beit Nechemiah, who takes care of the community’s gardening, landscape, and upkeep. Thanks to the generous donors of Israel365, Beit Nechemiah was able to plant 70 new trees this week! These new trees were planted along the external border of the community to provide the residents with additional shade and privacy.


The entire community came together to participate in the planting. Even the young children came out to the event and were able to plant trees and take part in the building and development of their community. 

Thank you to the generous donors who enable this special project to continue. It is through your dedication to Israel that we are able to continue to plant trees all across this holy land. If you would like to contribute to the Israel365 tree planting campaign, you can do so by clicking HERE.  

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