A Guardian of Israel Helps an Ethiopian Family


Miracle of miracles!

Shlomo Klughaupt, one of Israel365’s Guardians of Israel, does his work very quietly.

As a volunteer in one of Israel’s rehabilitation hospitals, Shlomo cares for the sweetest kids and teenagers.

He also keeps an eye on the families of the kids in rehabilitation and gives charity to those in need.

But where does the charity money come from?

From Israel365’s international community of Israel-loving donors!

Our donors have helped many families stay financially afloat while their children recovered in the hospital.

Heila’s family is one of those families. 

Heila is the happy child of Ethiopian immigrants who found a new home in Israel. 

When Heila was born, her legs were different sizes and swollen, making it difficult for her to walk.

Thank God, Heila’s doctors gave Heila the needed surgeries to make her legs functional.

By age 5, she was recovering from these surgeries under the lively and loving care of Shlomo Klughaupt.

Through Shlomo, Israel365’s donors helped Heila’s parents make it through that challenging time.

And now, four years later, Heila is 9 years old, running, jumping, and doing gymnastics like any other girl!



It’s a miracle!

Thanks to everyone who donated to support our Guardians of Israel!

Your blessings to the People of Israel are deeply appreciated.

If you haven’t yet donated to help needy Israelis in Israel, donate below!

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