5 Reasons to Plant a Tree in the Land of Israel


Hi everybody, it’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz from Israel365, and I have five reasons for you why it’s important to plant a tree in the Land of Israel.


  1. The first reason is right in the beginning of the Bible. When God created the world and created the Garden of Eden, what does he do in chapter 2 verse 9 of the book of Genesis? Look in our Israel Bible. It says that “And from the ground Hashem caused to grow every tree that was pleasing to the sight and good for food…” (Gensis 2:9). So God created trees, God planted trees, and we have to be like God and plant trees as well
  2. The second reason is also a biblical reason for why it’s important to plant trees in Israel. Because it’s a biblical commandment. It says so in the in the Book of Leviticus. It says in chapter 19 verse 23. “When you enter the land and plant any tree for food (Leviticus 19:23). It’s really important, and says so right in the Bible.
  3. The third reason it’s important to plan is plant trees in Israel is especially now. After the terrible arson attacks that happened in November in Israel, when thousands of trees were intentionally destroyed, we have to replenish those trees.
  4. The fourth reason is to really just all-around help ensure the beauty of the land of Israel. That it’s a healthy land, and it’s a beautiful land. Israel is one of the only countries in the entire world with millions and millions of more trees now than when it started even 100 years ago. It’s a tremendous thing. It adds a lot of beauty to the land of Israel the number of trees that are planted here all of the time.
  5. The final reason and the fifth reason why it’s important to plant trees in Israel is that when you join Israel365 in planting trees, you can help us. We’re planting forests all the time here thanks to people like yourselves. We planted a forest not too long ago in memory of Holocaust victims. We planted a forest in memory of the righteous Gentile.
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