Thanksgiving In 2020 With Rabbi Tuly Weisz

In a recent video, Rabbi Weisz noted that even during this difficult pandemic, Thanksgiving brought so many of us together, in spirit and heart if not in body, to praise God for his blessings. As an Israeli, Rabbi Weisz expressed personal gratitude to the Trump administration for facilitating the unprecedented wave of peace washing over Israel with the Abraham Accords.
“The Thanksgiving holiday actually comes from the Bible,” Rabbi Weisz noted in the video, citing Psalms:
“Praise Hashem, for He is good, His steadfast love is eternal (Psalms 118:1).”
“In Hebrew, Hodu, the word for praise also means thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, it is important to remember to praise God,” Rabbi Weisz said. He noted that in the next verse, Israel is urged by King David to praise God but in the previous chapter, the nations are urged to praise God.
Praise Hashem, all you nations; extol Him, all you peoples, Psalms 117:1
“What a time we are living in, when Jews and non-Jews, people from all the nations, are coming together, thanking God, and showing gratitude for the same thing.”

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Rabbi Weisz is especially thankful for the connections and friendships that have enabled the Israel365 Charity Fund, in collaboration with Israel-based nonprofit ‘Building Hope’ (also known as Tenufa Bakehila), to help so many, to bring hope and light to the people who witnessed the darkest period in human history.
Defined as a burning that entirely consumes, the term ‘holocaust’ was once used to describe a burnt offering that was entirely consumed on the altar. The Nazis tried to burn all of the Jews but despite their best efforts, some precious souls were spared. Despite being left alive, these victims were not entirely spared and still carry the memories of what they witnessed 75 years ago. The Holocaust left a scar on humanity, on an entire generation, and most particularly, on these few remaining individuals. The only healing that can offset such a powerful act of hatred are acts of kindness.

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Most of the Holocaust survivors were left alone, their families gone. Many of these survivors live today in dire conditions, even unhealthy conditions, in apartments in disrepair.
“One way in which we can bring light into the lives of these precious souls is by improving their living conditions,” Rabbi Weisz said. “It is only fitting that in their waning years, these precious people be shown that the world cares deeply. They are our last chance to show how much we care.”
Israel 365 is able to maximize your help by purchasing materials and enlisting Israeli volunteers to do the work.
“This is truly the coming together of the nations and Israel in an act of love, a thanksgiving offering to show our love and gratitude to God,” Rabbi Weisz said.

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