Pastor Ray Peters and Friends Visit Israel365

On Tuesday, October 25th, Pastor Ray Peters and a handful of his congregants from the Community Church of Keystone Heights, Florida, spent the day with Israel365. 

Yisrael Glass, our Head of Donor Relations, took Pastor Ray’s group to two projects that they blessed in the last several months.




The first project was planting olive trees in the Shoresh Forest near Jerusalem. This pine forest was burned down by terrorists in July 2021. The Shoresh community decided to replant with native olive trees, which are much more fire-resistant and long-lasting than pines.

Pastor Ray and the crew actually got their hands dirty in the holy soil of the Holy Land and initiated the replanting season. Special thanks go to Sasson, the community head of the village of Shoresh, for taking responsibility for the replanting project.




The next stop was at farmer Ben Rosenberg’s organic farm near Bet Shemesh. Ben was able to observe the Biblical commandment to let the land lay fallow during the Sabbatical (Shemitta) year due to the generosity of hundreds of donors to our Shemitta campaign.

Ben took the group out to his fields to show them what a fallow field looks like. He also explained the blessings that come to those who observe the Sabbatical year.

The Sabbatical year is financially difficult for Israeli farmers but spiritually rewarding.

In the picture, Ben is wearing the blue baseball cap.



Pastor Ray and the crew concluded their day at Israel365 headquarters, where they ate lunch with the Israel365 team, experiencing true Israeli hospitality.

After lunch, they had an illuminating Q&A session with Rabbi Elie Mischel. Then everyone was presented with inspiring Hebrew Name Certificates.

Thanks for coming, Pastor Ray, and we look forward to your next visit!

Bless the Land and People of Israel just like Pastor Ray and his congregation! 

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