Call to Action from Rabbi Tuly Weisz

Everyone in Israel is devastated about the tragedy that occurred on Mount Meron. We cannot comprehend the unprecedented human loss as 45 people were killed and at least 150 injured in the worst mass casualty event in Israeli history.

Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a national day of mourning today, so please join with the Jewish People and take a moment today and mourn, cry, pray for and show compassion for the victims.

There are so many questions right now about what happened on Mount Meron, and no good answers.

Why did this happen?
How could this happen?
Who is responsible?

Sadly, many are blaming the victims or blaming the government – however, now is not the time for pointing fingers. Today, the only questions we must ask is, “how can I help and what am I waiting for?”

If you love Israel, today is the day that Israel needs you.

100% of all proceeds are going directly to the families of the victims of Israel’s most tragic disaster, so please click here and give generously.

Thanks to so many of you, Israel365 has already raised over $80,000 for the grieving families in the past two days from over 300 generous souls. However, our emails go out to 300,000 people which means that more than 99% still have not participated. Any amount makes a difference.

Already today, I am starting to visit the families and assessing their needs to make sure our donations have the maximum impact helping where it’s needed the most and so, I beg you to stand with Israel today. What are you waiting for?

Let’s answer the question with a powerful show of love and support for those who are suffering. Click HERE to give to the Israel365 fund for the grieving families of the Meron Tragedy.

I thank you in advance for your compassion.

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