Bringing Light to Bedridden Lives: The Story of Jessica’s Window and the Power of Home Repairs

We are in the bedroom of Jessica, a woman with ALS disease. She is completely bedridden. She can’t move or talk. 

Jessica has degenerating muscles yet still manages to communicate with others through text messages and emails by using her eyes and a computer screen. 

Her only request was to have a window near her bed so she could see the outdoors. 

When we told her that we are going to grant her that wish, she cried.. 

Can you imagine what she went through, staring all day long at the walls? 

“Now I see the sky and the trees outside,” Jessica types. “I see cats jump on my windowsill. I see birds flying… it’s opened up an entire world for me.” 

Every day, Israel365 makes urgent home repairs like this, changing the lives of hundreds of deserving families in 20 cities across Israel. We have repaired more than 7,000 homes to date. Our 2023 goal is to repair 700 homes.

Holocaust survivors, people with disabilities, single moms. Many of these homes are so tragic. People don’t have water, fixtures or bathtubs. Far too many children are growing up in homes like this.

More than 50,000 families in Israel who are below the poverty line own homes in disrepair. The government won’t fix them because it isn’t responsible for fixing private homes. So they send them to us. 

We are focused on safety, accessibility and providing people with dignity. We use our limited resources to fix as many homes as possible. And we couldn’t do it without people like you. 

The contractor in charge of creating Jessica’s window made sure to complete the job in one day. “It occurred to me that thanks to the work we are doing, people who were living in darkness now have light,” he said.

Thank you for helping Jessica. We will continue to keep you updated on other recipients going forward.

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