A Family Missing

Bring The Bibas Family Home

On Oct. 7, the Bibas Family was taken hostage by Hamas, and haven’t been returned yet. You can help bring them home.

Missing Since October 7th

On October 7th, Hamas invaded Southern Israel and committed a horrific, wide range of atrocities. From the mass murder of 1200 people to the rape and torture of countless others, it was the worst attack in Jewish history since the Holocaust.

But they didn’t stop there- they also took 253 hostages. These hostages weren’t only Jewish or Israeli. They were Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist. They were Israeli, Argentinian, German, American, French, Russian, Nepal, and Thailand. They included men, women, the elderly, and even children.

The youngest of these hostages were the Bibas children: Ariel Bibas, 4 years old, and Kfir Bibas, 9 months old.

You read that right. Hamas took a baby as a hostage.

A Family Waiting To Be Made Whole Again


The Value of Each and Every Life

One of Israel’s primary goals in the war against Hamas is to return all the hostages. By mid-February 2024, due to a temporary ceasefire agreement and the IDF’s hard work, 112 of the hostages were released, and the bodies of 11 hostages tragically murdered in Gaza were recovered by Israel.

A Family Missing

The Bibas Family is Still There

129 hostages are still being held in Gaza – including the beautiful Bibas family. Yarden, 34, Shiri, 32, 4-year-old Ariel, and 9-month-old infant Kfir.

In the November ceasefire hostage deal, all children being held hostage were supposed to be released. But little Ariel and Kfir Bibas were not. Hamas claimed, without evidence, that they were killed in an IDF air strike.
At that time, the IDF presented family members with a video showing that Sheri and the children were still alive after being abducted.
To date, there’s no further information on their well-being and their whereabouts.
The Hypocrisy

Hamas Gets Away With Its Crimes

International media wrongfully baselessly accuses Israel of war crimes on a daily basis, but are happy to give Hamas a free pass. The abduction and holding of hostages is an explicit violation of International law. The world should be outraged that Hamas took 253 people hostage on October 7th, and to date, are still holding 129 people hostage. But the world is mostly silent.

The abduction and holding of hostages is an explicit violation of International law.

The Need For Support

The Fight Continues

Since October 7, Yosi Shnaider, Shiri Bibas’s cousin, has led the effort to garner international support for their release. He has left his job and has tirelessly campaigned for the release of his family members, reaching out to governments and international organizations, including the Red Cross, for their help. Through social media, interviews, and organized public events, he is working day and night to keep his family’s plight in the public eye. His mission is daunting and often discouraging, but he refuses to give up.

The Bibas family Needs YOU

Until the Bibas family and the other 125 hostages are brought home, we won’t stop fighting for their release.
But the road ahead is not an easy one. The ongoing campaign for the hostages’ release, including organizing events, legal action, and media outreach, has placed a significant financial burden on Yosi Shnaider and his family. Their situation is made even more dire due to Yosi and other family members having to stop working, so they can be fully devoted to bringing the Bibas family home.
With the loss of their income, the only way for them to continue their critical work is if they receive financial support. Your help is invaluable and will allow them to continue working night and day to bring the Bibas family home. Little Ariel and Kfir need our help.

Return the Hostages

Will You Help?