From Darkness to Dignity

Commemorating is Not Enough.
Show You Care.

Are we living up to our promise to “Never Forget”?

There are fewer than 200,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel today. A shocking 25% of these survivors live below the poverty line and so it is one of the main goals of the Israel365 Charity Fund to support impoverished Holocaust Survivors living today in Israel.

Some Holocaust Survivors lack sufficient and nutritious food, others adequate and durable shelter, and still more lack for both – not to mention those who cannot receive the health care they need. Israeli welfare authorities recognize these survivors to be in need; still, many of them struggle when they ought to be comfortable. “While their health is failing, their needs are increasing” said Rabbi Weisz.

The Struggle of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Many Holocaust Survivors sadly go unnoticed and are therefore improperly cared for in Israel today. Worsening the tragedy of this situation still more is that even when many survivors are eligible for state assistance, they cannot access that assistance because of mobility limitations or other encumbrances. Social isolation can lead to being isolated from aid.

When it comes to the Holocaust, we vow to “Never Forget,” yet forgotten is precisely the word that comes to mind when referring to those Holocaust Survivors living below the poverty line.

To assist a needy Holocaust Survivor, please donate today to the Israel365 Charity Fund.

Commemorating is not enough.
Show you care.

Remembering with Action

Supporting Holocaust Survivors in Need