Partnering with Jentezen Franklin and the Kingdom Connection to Comfort Israel

Pastor Jentezen Franklin and I visited the remains of Moshav Mevo Modiim to experience the devastation of terrorism to this community. Palestinian terrorists have been using “arson terror” combined with the scorching Israeli heat to destroy homes and communities across the country. At the end of May, it only took a few minutes for the […]

Nes Harim’s Newest Olive Tree- Thanks to Israel365!

It was a pleasure to meet Merav and her adoreable son, Tzur in Nes Harim. Israel365 planted a strong and sturdy olive tree right at the enterance of the community of Nes Harim. The community of Nes harim was founded in 1950 by Jewish immigrants to Israel from Kurdistan. The name Nes Harim comes from […]

Hayovel Joins Israel365 in the Fields of Bat Ayin

Israel365 has been plating trees in the fields of Bat Ayin for years. By now, we can proudly say that we have planted THOUSANDS of trees in this special community. Bat Ayin  is uniquely situated between Hebron, where Abraham and Sarah are buried and Jerusalem, where the Third Temple will rise one day (hopefully sooner […]

Helping Ohad Lipnick

Last week, Israel was engulfed in forest fires that burnt down trees throughout the Jewish state. But it wasn’t just nature that was destroyed. Ohad Lipnick, an engineer in the Samarian town of Shavei Shomron (Return to Samaria), lost his factory, which he had no insurance on. Devastating tragedies are nothing new to Ohad. That’s because only […]

Camp Comfort Goes Rock-Climbing!

At the end of May, the community of Moshav Mevo Modiim was burnt to the ground by Arab arson terrorists. Since then, the families of this community have been staying in temporary living quarters and doing their best to get by. With the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, the children […]

Israel365 Brings Relief to IDF Soldiers

It is HOT in Israel during the summer. If we are being honest, it can be hot in Israel during the winter, but it is BOILING during the summer months. Thanks to our AMAZING and generous donors from around the world, we are giving “Cool Collars” or mobile air-conditioning units to Israel’s soldiers. Even when […]

Plant@71: Luzit

We had such a great time in Luzit! The community and the people were so warm and welcoming. Luzit was founded in the early 1950s by Jewish immigrants from North Africa. The name Luzit means almond. Almond trees are very prominent in this region of Israel. In the story of Jacob’s dream, Genesis 28:19 says […]

Plant@71: Planting in Achiya!

We met Yael in Achiya! She and the other residents of this community work the Land of Israel with their bare hands, and plan on making Achiya one of the greenest and most flourishing places in the Land of Israel!   The name Achiyha comes from the Bible…of course! In the Book of I Kings, Achiya […]

Plant@71: Sowing our Seeds in Bat Ayin

For the past two years, Israel365 has been continuously planting trees with our friend Amnon in Bat Ayin. Bat Ayin is a beautiful community nestled in the hills of the Biblical Heartland. Thanks to our amazing donors, we have planted THOUSANDS of trees in Bat Ayin. Each time we go for a visit, or to […]